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Small business owners have so much on their plate. A polished, fully functioning, and profitable web presence is something that many hope for, but often feel is unattainable. That can be due to their own time constraints, lack of technical assets, the constant juggling of priorities AND budgets, etc… If you are like most, a new website or upgrade gets pushed off as the project for ‘next month’ to start (as you deal more pressing issues that show up in the business) until you realize that years have gone by and that your vision isn’t any closer to completion (or being started). There can be some guilt there, and time just continues to tick by.

The solution is ‘otato. With a strong understanding of what a small business person struggles with and needs, otato take the confusion out of strengthening your web presence and brand with the ultimate goal in mind - increasing your profits.

With the ability to work with a variety of budgets and payment schedules, get rid of that guilt and hand your project over to someone you can trust, and who gets it done.

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What do people say?


The Green Kiss started on a shoestring budget which meant that I was forced to create my first website
on my own. While it served its purpose, it was never the website I truly wanted for my brand. After being in business for 4 years, it was time to look at spending the money on a new site. The process, and even the THOUGHT of that process, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, paralyzed me. I realized that re-platforming was what I needed to do, and while I had the staff in place to help with that grunt work, the organization of that project was immense and incredibly hard to handle with all of the other tasks in the business never slowing down enough to allow me the time to properly tackle the project. It also became clear that while I could envision what I wanted the new site to look like, and while Shopify is user friendly, that I was NOT a designer, and that the time I was taking to tinker around with the design elements of the site was clearly frustrating and really, not a good use of my time. 
It was around this time that I learned about 'Otato. On a monthly payment pricing plan, I was able to pass off the organization and vision to a professional, who was able to complete the project in a WAY more timely manner than myself, and take my brand to an entirely new level. I felt it was time for ‘The 
Green Kiss’ to grow up and my initial vision with that just involved a new website. What I didn’t expect, is that within otato’s services, I was able to TRULY revamp the entire brand, create new added value for my clients, create a site that we get complimented on weekly, AND increase my sales rapidly. 
Otato’s work at The Green Kiss has been an absolute game changer for this company. For that reason, although the intial project of a new website was complete about a year ago, we have kept them on to continue to work on adding more value on that site with the use of apps, seasonal refreshers, mail chimp marketing campaigns that are completely on brand etc.. so that I can focus on the things I am good at, not waste my time, and KNOW that someone has completely got our back for our entire online presence. Otato takes our vision, our marketing ideas, our photography, and turns them into ways for us to immediately generate more income. Their services pay for themselves. It's pretty amazing.
Megan Johns, Owner - The Green Kiss
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